In recent years, rapid developments in genomics and proteomics have generated a large amount of biological data. Arriving at conclusions from these data requires sophisticated computational analyses. Bioinformatics, or computational biology, is the interdisciplinary science of interpreting biological data using information technology and computer science. The importance of this new field of inquiry will grow as we continue to generate and integrate large quantities of genomic, proteomic, and other data. A particular active area of research in bioinformatics is the application and development of data mining techniques to solve biological problems. Analyzing large biological data sets requires making sense of the data by inferring structure or generalizations from the data. Examples of this type of analysis include protein structure prediction, gene classification, cancer classification based on microarray data, clustering of gene expression data, statistical modeling of protein-protein interaction, etc. Therefore, we see a great potential to increase the interaction between data mining and bioinformatics.

Bioline Research institute has initiated bioinformatics training programme, consisting of computational biologists and bioinformatics scientists. Our course teachers are approachable and knowledgeable and all the students and their queries are dealt with at an individual level.

  • International working standards
  • State - of art infrastructure
  • Quality training materials
  • Real time work environment
  • Job oriented training that enhances job opportunity.

A real time training programme on Bioinformatics focused on ‘Data Mining” with Quality course materials.

Package of 7days/ 15 days

This course will deal with computational techniques for discovering patterns in and across complex biological and biomedical sources, including genomic and proteomic databases, clinical databases, digital libraries of scientific articles, and ontologies.

Our institute is located in a place that is well connected to railway station and bus stand and very close to the Airport. Separate hostel facilities for men and women are within the reach to the research center.
All science graduates doing UG, PG, M.Phil, Ph.D having minimum background on Bioinformatics either as one of their subject during their course period or as their main course are eligible to attend the training programme.
Certificate will be awarded at the end of the training programme.
Personals good in Bio-informatics are well observed in various R&D centres, proteomics data analysis, molecular modeling, Biological data mining, genome analysis, phylogenetic analysis etc., in and around India as well as abroad.
Bioline Laboratory, Central Laboratory,
17-A Civil Aerodrome road,
Civil Aerodrome post,
SITRA, Coimbatore - 641 014.
DMLT (Diploma in medical laboratory technology):

More than 3,50,000 Medical Laboratory Technicians will be required in 1,75,000 Hospitals / PHCs / Nursing Homes and by medical professionals by 2020 A.D. to fulfill “Health for all by 2020 A.D.” as the country’s population would rise to more than 125 Crores.

The diploma-holder may open his/her own Clinical Laboratory in any part of the country, subject to State Government Laws or under the supervision of a qualified Medical Professional/ Pathologist/ Registered Medical Practitioner. The Diploma Holder will be suitable for Appointment as Medical Laboratory Supervisors/ Technicians/ Assistants in all Private Hospitals/Nursing Homes or with Private Medical Practitioners etc.

Employment Opportunities:

  • Medical colleges
  • Hospitals
  • Clinical Biochemistry diagnostic laboratory
  • Laboratory management in the field of Haematology, Biochemistry, Microbiology and Histopathology

1 year, 2 year DMLT, PG DMLT courses with university recognition are on the pipeline of Bioline Research institute. 

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